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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  March 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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[ music ] >> now, abc2 news at 11. controversy over plans for a new school? baltimore county. we have the votes on that proposal tonight. and we have the results on what happened from the police an outbreak that happened tonight. a man tips us off about a hidden text. you will be checking your phone bill after this. >> and a mild humid night of spring. we will let you know when the warmest day of the week is set to awe vie as news 11 starts right now. we leave off with this story protests and calls for change to build an elementary school in what is essentially a retirement school. that's right, the county school board voted on it tonight. you have the results chris? >> overwhelming resorts the board voted unanimously tonight to approve the plan to build an elementary school on what the
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site is what is now maize chapel park. starting in the fall of 2014 you are likely to ski school buses alongside those that transport retirees along the park. it is bordered by retirement and assisted living communities. residents say they like it the way it is. >> if that park is taken, the only thing they are going to see is sidewalks and streets. it will not be any park of any value anymore. >> the residents had a final chance to present their case to the school board tonight. some asking for a delay in the vote which came just one night after a much larger public hearing on the issue. i would like to ask one further time if you would possibly consider defraying your decision until we have an opportunity to work together to get the very best decision. >> reporter: but the school's system expert says maize chapel park is the best place for a 700 seat, $25 million school to relieve overcrowding in the central portion of baltimore county. >> it is our recommendation to affirm the use of maize chapel
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site for the construction of a new elementary school. >> reporter: the members of the school board took that recommendation. >> this site for the past 25 years has been designated a school site. it is a school site that has been used as a park and not a park that is being converted into a school. >> reporter: and they voted unanimously to approve the plan leaving maize chapel residents questioning what their next move might be. >> we will see. and you know as a parent of children i just think there could be a better way. >> reporter: the school system now moves into the planning process for that elementary school. officials have set at no more than half of that park will be used for the new school. again, it's expected to open in 2014. christian schaffer abc2 news. want to take you out to garrison right off of owens mills. the breaking news we have been following all evening at 5 and
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6 on abc2 we have just received information from baltimore county police a 20-year-old man is in stable condition after he and two others were stabbed today in a home in garrison. there was gunfire and a crowd in victoria took that blow. police are not calling this a home invasion but neighbors want to know what's up with their neighbors? >> spectator lane. all you can do is be a spectator, standing or sitting ow watching the police do their job. after a long day of work you came home to this. >> it is uncomfortable coming home to this. >> reporter: at quarter to 4 a bunch of people go into a town home where they get into a fight with another bunch of people. three people were stabbed. shots were fired but not here. that happened around the corner. >> i'm freaking out a little bit. >> reporter: we saw cars being towed away. police are asking a lot of questions. we saw people in the back of patrol cars asking what happens. people on the hill are wondering the same. >> i am a little concerned to be honest with you. i have never had any bad experiences here. >> why now, what do the police
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think? a lot of thinking going on as this lady tries to go to bed tonight. >> to walk into this on a tuesday afternoon is definitely not a pleasant scene. >> reporter: yellow tip whistling in the spring breeze and a lawn needed to be shaved. but we are all spectators today on spectator lane. >> and i would like you to tune in at 4:30 in the morning for any breaking details on the violence today in baltimore county. well, tonight sure sign that spring is timely here in maryland. check this out, a line around the block. >> they were giving away free italian ice at all five of their 15 stores in 18 states today. a celebration of the first day of spring. meteorologist is here tonight. will it be warm for us tomorrow or the next? >> absolutely kelly and jamie. i saw people out there when we had the chill a few days ago. but no chill today. in fact, conditions will continue to run on the warm
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sign. first day of spring. temperatures nearly 20 degrees above average for central and western maryland today so really impressive. the numbers tonight outside 60 in baltimore. still in the mid-50s to the east and west of town. low 60s across washington. statewide just a couple of clouds mainly northern baltimore county. we do look for the potential for more fog to develop though as it has the last two nights. so watch out for that at daybreak tomorrow but otherwise a climb back to the low 70s once again get the readers get ready to go and stay cool. much more on how things get even warmer towards friday coming up. >> thanks. new tonight here is something you don't want to be on. orchard has announced the top 50 bedbug cities for 2011. leading the way is cincinnati. our neighbors to the south dc landed in baltimore and it did crack that at 18. experts show the best way to getting them to look at signs of infestation. check your luggage after you
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travel and put your clothes into the drier on the hottest setting for about 15 minutes when you come home. well, tonight people in our area have a brand new leader. elected william lori to be the new afternoon bishop. he will take over the oldest dice sees on main at 16th. he has been outspoken of what he calls the erosion of religious liberties including one prevalent in our state, gay marriage. >> i will certainly not only be teaching as a bishop, but also working with all of the bishops of maryland and along with the other leaders as the referendum unfolds. and he will be baltimore's 16th afternoon bishop. he currently is search -- serving in connecticut. tonight the parent company out in denver know what the hospital board know what they want to happen to the campus. they made their recommendations for the sale. officials did not say who the
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board selected but three finalists are life food health, ascension health they own st. angus and the baltimore university hospital. there is no deadline for selecting a buyer. the hospital says all of the potential buyers have agreed to honor st. joseph's catholic identity. well, from selling of a hospital to the sale of our landmarks. how can you turn down an opportunity to own a piece of our history? we are talking about 15 landmarks up for sale. they include the upton mansion, roland park water tower and the royal memorial building right across from city hall and the famous shaw tower. >> it is unique. it is so baltimore. everything about it, you know, the bricks that were made here in baltimore. everybody who comes, remembers coming as a kid. so i really think there is a love and a passion for the tower. and that the community of baltimore will support it if we have a program that they love to come to, bring their kids to. >> the city is expected to hire an appraise certify to determine the value.
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the city wants to either sell or lease the properties to cut down on some of the costs. >> well, it is another tuesday, another primary and another win for the romney camp. republicans voted today and they chose the front runner former massachusetts governor mitt romney. karen travis has a look at how he pulled out tonight's victory. >> reporter: mitt romney pulled out a decisive win in the illinois primary. the republicans have been battling it out to win over the critical suburban voters that make up the large majority of today's turnouts. a series of missteps didn't help his efforts to win a big mid western state. he came in a very second in puerto rico. he made the point yesterday that his campaign is focused on a broad range of issues. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. >> romney pounced. >> i do care about the
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unemployment rate. it does bother me. >> they crushed him and outspent him by a 7-1 margin. >> he has never run a business nor a state. >> reporter: santorums said they spent the money to even the playing field. >> he is the better candidate. >> reporter: romney still has work to do to whichever over others. >> while i believe that mitt romney is just as conservative, it just doesn't come across and convey the same way. >> reporter: romney has more than double the delegates that santorum does but not even halfway to the magic number he needs to clinch the nomination. karen travis, abc news, washington. on the heels of a big win, tomorrow mitt romney will be right here in maryland. the front runner will be here. he will told a town hall style meeting at the legion.
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the guys running the post says they don't endorse candidates but they are excited and so are the neighbors. >> well, can and he was here. they got rid of him too quick. i mean, he came to the neighborhood and we couldn't park anywhere. so now it's going to be even worse. it will be fun. >> better get there early. the event starts at 3:30. if you are planning on getting there early like mike said, it will be hard to find a parking spot. >> well, ladies and some of you gentlemen admit it we all want to smack a few palms. but see what you missed out on. well, tonight we are going to expose six of them. plus one more disturbing things about the warm weather outside lime disease. find out why your chances of getting it are going up. >> how would you like to save $270 a year. we have the hidden information on your cell bill that's draining your account. we will be back.
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>> all right. i want to show you this. i want you to see this yellow line here. see the yellow line? it goes all the way from california and it winds its way all around the globe. amelia airhart was supposed to fly that path back in may of 1937. but we all know she vanished over the south pacific. now there is a new push to find that wreckage and preserve her story. >> her legacy resonates today for anyone, girls and boys, who dream of the stars. >> and right now scientists and historians are going to launch a deep-sea search in june. the whole thing will be privately funded. in health news tonight, lyme disease could be more of a threat this year thanks to that mild winter. >> there is a shortage of acorns so that means less mice and that means ticks will be looking for other things to bite like you. save yourself from being bitten and possibly getting lyme disease by wearing that tick repellant.
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check yourself and your children and your pets every day. forget the stars and the magazines and the stars on the red carpets looking thin and young. what is their secret? what do they know that we don't. we have the skinny on the six diet tips the experts don't want you to know. >> okay. there is no one magic bullet that's going to help you beat the scales. but there are more nuggets, rarely published information that can help you with the battle of the bulge. first, we've been taught weight loss should be slow and steady. but according to a university study, secret number one, people who lose weight fast, right out of the gates, lost more and kept it off longer. >> next exercise, we need long cardio workouts, right? because if you want to lose weight, our next secret is you have to add interval training. intervals raise your heart rate and then you rest. it doesn't have to be running. walking fast. even some of the zumba workouts
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incorporate intervals. >> good news you can get one of these workouts a lot faster than a cardio workout. secret three people that fidget are leaner. they burn calories. during your every day routine, squat, flex, wiggle, even dance a little. >> and look so cool doing it. good news on the next secret. drinking a glass of red wine each day has been proven to help release fat and help you fight off certain precursors to diabetes. sadly though one glass is good, three glasses bad. always chocolate, though. small amounts of cocoa can aid in the fight against obesity and satisfy sugar cravings. oh, and about those, they are very real. i crave cookies right after dinner. so a little trick. find a tea that mimics desert. i like the good earth cinnamon tea, sugar cookie tea or any
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with annis. >> i am really liking some of those tips. here is another tip if you can do this one get more sleep. dieters who got eight and a half hours sleep lost 50% more than those who slept less. >> and tonight's consumer information it is officially spring and that means that the gas prices are rising. today is the 11th day in a row prices have jumped at the pump. the national average is now up to $3.85 for a gallon of regular gas. right here in our home state there are already areas seeing gas at more than $4 a gallon for regular. now, to find the cheapest gas prices in your area just head to our website under the traffic tab click on gas prices to find the best bargains right there in your home neighborhood. we have a warning to share with you tonight about a strange charge many cell phone users are finding on their bills. the worst part is if you don't check your bill carefully you could easily miss it. abc explains so you don't waste
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your money. [ music ] >> reporter: well, for most of us our cell phone bills are too high. but how carefully have you gone over your bill in the past few months? turns out you could have hidden charges on it that you shouldn't even be paying. steve noticed his cell phone bill getting higher and higher in recent months so he called his carrier to see if there was anyway to lower it. that's when he learned he was paying almost $20 a month for a premium texting service he knew nothing about. >> it is part of the sales representatives pointed out to me that i was receiving a third party charge. and she asked are you aware that you are receiving this third party charge? and i said what's that? >> reporter: third party or premium text scams are becoming one of the biggest complaints about cell phone services. according to the tech blog c net. once you are signed up for premium texting you are billed every month until you notice it. steve never spotted the charges that were. >> somewhere in the vicinity either between $10 a month to
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$20 a month. and i checked my own records and it's been well over a year that i have been receiving this. >> reporter: according to c net these mystery charges can be added to your bill when you text a special number to get sports alerts, participate in a game show or you give your cell phone number to participate in the survey. and if you start receiving strange texts, steve learned from his carrier, don't simply delete them. >> simply along the lines of congratulations, you've earned 1,000 points towards. and i give it out to the congratulations you've earned and i deleted it. are. >> reporter: don't ignore them. either text back the word stop or contact your carrier and ask the messages to be blocked. my advice is check your cell phone bill carefully every month for hidden charges. if you don't you could end up paying a bogus $10 charge every month for years, money you'll never get back. >> so you don't waste your money. so now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the
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forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> quiet night out there. watching for the potential for some fog to develop again. but what a way to wrap up this first day of the spring season. 60 degrees still right now after a day in the low 70s with high humidity. and to give you a reference point, yeah, 55 is normal. sunset now is coming up almost towards 7:30 so the day is getting much warmer. take a look at the weather throughout the day. cloudy skies were the story. and then as we worked into the afternoon we did some sunshine coming up. how about a look at annapolis today murky and very cloudy. but then of course the sun comes out as that fog lift. one more shot to show you the finale of this first day of spring from kent island, haze giving away to sunshine and a beautiful, beautiful sunset. maryland's most powerful radar tonight, check it out. all of the action well south of us down here on the richmond area, i-95 south here of
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frederiksberg, intense thunderstorm activity down there. fairly isolated in nature. that's what we are going to look for the in next few days the pop-up isolated showers. still tonight winds light from the east. that east breeze at times can slightly cool us off along the western shore and along the baltimore area if it picks up enough because the chesapeake water temperatures are still low 50s at best. you can see the impact today annapolis only to 69. but downtown baltimore 77. 72 cambridge. 60 closer to the beach in georgetown. humidity already at or near 100% in many spots. reduced visibility in frederick. 3 miles at the air force base. so already seeing the patchy fog developing. again the closest wet weather to our south and moving south so really not expecting that to impact us in anyway any time soon. humidity will continue to flow in though as will the warm air. quite a bit of cloud cover
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tomorrow. high pressure is offshore, keeping that return flow that southerly serial breeze can i with a warm breeze but also continues to pump up the atlantic moisture. our weekend weather maker is still moving ever so slowly across the country. that's why it has created flooding rains in places like texas. that contrast of very warm air over the east. much cooler air out in the center of the country in the north coast helping fuel this weather maker that will continue to have long bands of heavy rain showers and will not move much even through thursday. in the meantime around the east coast and the mid-atlantic we will see pop-up showers. the main rain holding off until at least probably saturday evening. overnight tonight down to 56. mostly cloudy and go 73. patchy fog could be dense in spots and partly cloudy. and tomorrow night down to 53. this all looks pretty familiar, doesn't it? the last couple of days over and over and over. the outlook for thursday and friday does get a little
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warmer. more sunshine and a little bit more of a strong south wind that will help pump up the temperatures. in the weekend we finally get that weather maker that's crawling in our direction. it could mean 60s sunday and monday. so a little cooler. people are asking me, hey, are we ever going to get a cool down? it's coming. >> just 60. >> all right. >> that's the way it normally happens. >> mitt romney is going to think he's in florida. >> i hope he brought his shorts. >> coming up, folks, you come up with all kinds of excuses not to sit for jury cute. >> but someone in massachusetts has a really good reason. here is jim with what you will see right after abc news at 11. >> coming up on nightline, want the best prices at the pump. meet the gas buddies who say their app can save you major cash. plus hunger games mania is just days away. we talk to liam hensworth coming up on nightline right
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after abc2 news at 11. ♪
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>> abc2 news is brought to you by mazda. we believe if it's not worth driving, it's not worth building. well, third grader jacob clark had to ask his parents what it meant. the records show that jacob was born in 1982 which makes him eligible. his parents filled out his papers wrong or something. anyway he is taking the mix-up in stride. >> i think he is impartial. he would be objective as long as there was no jury tampering to offer him an xbox game he
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would do that. but besides that he is a very impartial kid. >> he has been like that since he was 12. >> no. the last time he was 2 when he was called. >> so all of you with tattoos out there, how do you feel if it vibrated every time you got a phone call? nokia has filed a patent for a toot too that would do just that. be careful where you put it, though. the la times said the tattoo would act like a blue tube and connecting your cell phone through magnet technology. they could customize the tattoos just like a ring tone but a patent version is in the works. you can expect these to hit the market you don't know when. >> that's creepy. >> safe advice you got to be careful where you put it. >> where is that coming from? >> oh, stop. >> like your phone at all the wrong times. >> keep going. >> 68 in newton tomorrow. 73 by 4:00. it's going to be another mild day around here. warm right into the first half
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of the weekend. >> good. [ music ]
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